Best Tech Stories around the web #178

This week : An AI assistant successfully lauched into space, TV graphics and animations design for FIFA Cup Russia and the real version of that endlessly spinning top from "Inception"


The 'flying brain' AI assistant has successfully launched into space by

A ‘flying brain’ AI assistant has successfully launched into space. powered by IBM’s watson supercomputer, airbus and germany’s DLR space agency have developed CIMON, the first form of artificial intelligence to arrive on the international space station. Read more


Designing the TV graphics and animations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia by

Production company Noah Media Group is behind the opening titles, animations and on-screen graphics for this year’s World Cup – we speak to art director Kim Teddy about how traditional Russian art and motifs inspired the designs. Read more


Here’s a real version of that endlessly spinning top from ‘Inception’ by

Remember how, in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Dom Cobb uses a spinning top to work out whether he’s awake or dreaming? If the top spins a few times and then topples over, Cobb knows he’s awake. If it keeps spinning in perpetuity, he understands that he’s asleep. Well, the team behind a new Kickstarter campaign just blurred the lines between reality and the dreamworld in a big way — courtesy of a metal top that’s capable of spinning for hours on end. Read more