Best Tech Stories around the web #176

This week : a new VR demo lets you explore a cat's innards, a 3D printer to print skin onto people, an algorithm turns World Cup games into 3D augmented reality and an immersive portrait projection in Central Park.


New VR Demo Lets You Use Your Hands to Explore A Cat’s Innards

Oh, cats. Anyone who has tried to understand one has found that a feline’s fickle moods are simply impossible to predict. But ever wonder what makes cats tick — you know, on the inside? Now you can find out thanks to a (very literally) hands-on new demo in virtual reality. Read more

This handheld 3D printer can print skin onto people by

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a handheld 3D skin printer that can apply layers of skin tissue directly onto patients to cover and heal wounds. Read more


This algorithm turns World Cup games into 3D augmented reality by

The men’s World Cup kicks off this week. As exciting as it promises to be, however, most of us will only get to watch it on flat television sets, as opposed to getting the three-dimensional experience of seeing it live and in person. Researchers from the University of Washington have come up with an augmented reality alternative, though. While it probably won’t be available to the masses in time for this year’s tournament, it does hint at one way in which fans at home may be able to enjoy sports games in the future. Read more


Immersive Portrait Projection in Central Park by

French photographer and street artist Philippe Echaroux dressed the iconic Central Park with his monumental and immersive works. He managed to register his works in the heart of nature with a magnificent rendering that is also part of an ecological approach. Read more