Best Tech Stories around the web #162

This week: Nanobots to kill tumors, Boston Dynamic's SpotMini just unveiled a new trick, an algorithm to interpret centuries-old paintings and Intel's drones guinness world record for winter Olympics.


Researchers use nanorobots to kill tumors in mice by

The bots cut off the tumors’ blood supply. Read more

Boston Dynamics’s SpotMini Just Unveiled a New Trick by

Boston Dynamics's four-legged SpotMini robot has learned a new trick. The robot can now deftly open doors and hold them open using an arm mounted essentially where a canine's head would be. Read more


Greek artist breathes new life into classic paintings with his RGB-subdivision algorithm by

Athens-based artist dimitris ladopoulos created an algorithm that allows him to produce different random geometric patterns based on a rectangle. after having done several experiments, he applied the algorithm to his favorite paintings and had RGB-subdivided images as a result. Read more 


Intel’s drone light show never got off the ground for the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony by

U.S. viewers tuned in to a tape-delayed broadcast on Friday night that showed pre-recorded footage from December, when Intel’s light show broke the Guinness World Record for flying the most drones, 1,218, simultaneously. Read more