Best Tech Stories around the web #159

This week: Microsoft wants you to open Windows apps with your mind, Red One the first holographic smartphone, Nintendo's newest Switch accessories and the next Nicolas Cage's film in VR.


Microsoft wants you to open Windows apps with your mind by

Microsoft has applied to patent a mind-controlled interface, so you may soon be able to open and control an app just by thinking about it. Read more

RED says its Hydrogen One smartphone will ship this summer by

Half a year after taking preorders for its very first smartphone, RED says that the Hydrogen One phone is still months away from being released. But it does at least have a timeline: the phone is supposed to enter mass production and then ship sometime this summer. Read more


Nintento's newest switch accessories are fun cardboard toys by

Suffice to say the Nintendo Switch is a hit beyond what anyone could have expected. The versatile, modular console sold more than 10 million units in its first 10 months, and became the fastest-selling console in US history. That's all the more impressive given Switches were nearly impossible to find in the console's early months, as Nintendo (like everyone else) seriously underestimated its appeal. Read more


Nicolas Cage’s ‘Humanity Bureau’ Set for Theatrical, Virtual Reality Releases by

Nicolas Cage’s sci-fi action-thriller “The Humanity Bureau” has been set for a March 2 release as a standalone episodic virtual reality series “The Humanity Bureau VRevolution.” Read more