Best Tech Stories around the web #134

This week: Handle the hybrid robot, VR offers brands the opportunity to build profound emotional connections, the language of dolphins could be translated, a connected helmet and a minimalist cellphone designed to be as basic as possible.

Boston Dynamics unveils 'nightmare-inducing' hybrid robot by

The robot can stand on four legs, like Boston Dynamics’ previous creations such as BigDog and Spot. But at the end of its back two legs are two stabilised wheels, which let it stand up vertically and roll around at speeds of up to nine miles per hour. Watch the video

VR, AR need to 'win hearts and minds' by

Virtual and augmented realities offer brands the opportunity to build profound emotional connections and become the portal to new worlds, a new WARC report claims, but only if the experience adds value to the consumer. Read more

The Language of Dolphins Could Be Translated by 2021 by

Swedish startup Gavagai AB, a language technology company that originated at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, has mastered 40 human languages with its language analysis software. Now, researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology are teaming up with Gavagai AB to take on the language of dolphins, in a project undoubtedly focused as much on testing and expanding the system’s capabilities as deciphering the thoughts of dolphins. Read more

Want to wear a brake light on your head? Cosmo Connected is your answer by

The biggest danger facing a motorcyclist while riding in traffic is getting rear-ended by a car. To address this, Cosmo Connected has debuted at CES 2017 a solution to help keep two-wheeled commuters a little safer on the road. Read more

This minimalist cellphone is designed to be as basic as possible by

Smartphones are ubiquitous in our lives: we rely on them to navigate unfamiliar surroundings, look up information, and stay in touch with people with an ever-growing collection of apps. A new, minimalist phone is designed for people want to eliminate all that clutter, but still remain reachable. Read more