Best Tech Stories around the web #124

This week: a living room which houses a technology that provides wireless charging, a flying motorcycle, balloons and drones to help saturated areas, a space simulation application and the futuristic Apple Park.

Disney Living Room Prototype: Charge Your Smartphone, Fans and More Wirelessly by

Disney Research has created a prototype of a living room which houses a technology that provides wireless charging. It is capable of delivering wireless power to smartphones, fans and other devices present inside the room. Read more

Scorpion S3 electric hoverbike looks terrifyingly fun by

Video: Forget top-flight sports cars. If you really want to be the object of envy among your friends, you need this. Read more

EE drones and balloons to beam 4G signals to rural Britain by

The UK’s largest mobile network operator EE has unveiled plans to deliver mobile and wireless broadband connectivity to internet blackspots via drones and helium balloons. Read more

Throw yourself into the VR void 250 miles above Earth with the ISS spacewalk app by

Even in virtual reality, floating 402 kilometres above Earth is terrifying. Home, a 15-minute experience created by London-based production studio Rewind, is the closest most of us will get to the real thing. Read more

Apple’s new campus ‘Apple Park’ will open in April by

This grand opening has been years in the making. Apple’s new campus now has a name and an opening date. It’ll be called Apple Park and the first employees will move in April 2017. Read more