Best Tech Stories around the web #113

On the program this week: charge your phone in seconds, PlayStation VR elected best invention 2016 by Times Magazine, Google translate uses machine learning, Tesla is powering an entire island with solar energy and Google’s new app turns your phone into a VR camera.

Charge your phone in seconds, use it for days? A new battery may make it possible by

Battery technology plays a pretty major role in our digital lives and while it has certainly been refined over the past few years, there is always room for improvement. Scientists from the University of Central Florida have developed a supercapacitor battery prototype that works as if it were new even after being recharged as many as 30,000 times. Read more

PlayStation VR makes it into Time Magazine’s 2016 Best Invention List by

PSVR fans, great news! It's that time of the year again that Time Magazine selects the best inventions that are making our lives easier, more convenient, and definitely worthwhile. Read more

Google Translate uses machine learning for its cool new trick by

The method is called "zero-shot" translation and can translate new pairs of languages without the software needing to be taught how to do so. Read more

Tesla is powering an entire island with solar energy by
On the heels of the news that the company had acquired solar energy startup SolarCity, Tesla has announced it is currently running nearly an entire island off of a solar energy microgrid. Read more

Google’s New App Turns Your Phone Into A VR Camera by