Best Tech Stories around the web #109

On the program this week: Facebook Workplace, the unexpected early end of the Galaxy Note 7, Playstation VR launch and a night at the AI jazz club.

Facebook Workplace wants to replace your inbox and intranet par

Mark Zuckerberg changed how friends communicate online, now he wants to alter how people chat while they're working. After 18 months of testing, the Facebook founder's platform for work has publicly launched. Called 'Workplace' - during testing it had been named Facebook at Work - the platform is a private replica of the public, free-to-access, site. Read more

Samsung announces it is killing Galaxy Note7 smartphone by

Samsung has announced it is permanently halting production of the Galaxy Note7 smartphone, a gadget that was intended to propel a comeback but instead has engulfed the South Korea company in a major corporate crisis. Read more

PlayStation VR: Your launch guide to Sony's console VR headset by

It's been an amazing year for virtual reality, what with the release of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and all of the mind-blowing games and experiences created for both – but the VR headset that might be most appealing for the widest number of players is actually out today. Read more

A night at the AI jazz club by

This is what happens when artificial intelligence is left to write the music. Read more