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Mysterious antimatter observed falling down for first time by

For the first time, scientists have observed antimatter particles -- the mysterious twins of the visible matter all around us -- falling downwards due to the effect of gravity, Europe's physics lab CERN announced on Wednesday. Read more

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The UK automotive industry is currently on the brink of significant changes, with the 2030 deadline for the ban on the sale of new diesel or petrol vehicles fast approaching. Innovative research and development is happening at pace, as the automotive supply chain focuses on delivering low-carbon and zero-emission technologies. Read more

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Get ready for an artistic adventure like no other. RXP.KL, the revolutionary immersive digital art gallery, is poised to sweep through the cultural heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur. Housed in the storied space of the former REX Cinema, RXP.KL is gearing up to revolutionise the very soul of artistry and creativity. Read more



Feeding the World: Earthworms Contribute to 6.5% of Global Grain Production by

Earthworms are important drivers of global food production, contributing to approximately 6.5% of grain yield and 2.3% of legumes produced worldwide each year, according to new work published today (September 26) by Colorado State University scientists in the journal Nature Communications. Read more

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