Best Tech Stories around the web #345

Refik Anadol at MoMA


Scientists Create Shapeshifting Humanoid Robot That Can Liquefy And Reform by

Scientists have made a breakthrough in robotics: a shapeshifting robot that can switch between liquid and metal states to navigate tricky environments without compromising on strength. Read more


Plant toxin hailed as ‘new weapon’ in antibiotic war against bacteria by

Scientists say albicidin has allowed them to take a giant step forward to creating a powerful new range of antibacterial drugs. Read more

New weapon against antibiotics resistance


Boeing to deliver last 747, the plane that democratized flying by

Boeing is set to officially bid farewell to the original jumbo jet, the 747, as it makes its final commercial delivery of an aircraft that democratized flying and serves US presidents. Read more


Refik anadol translates MoMa's vast collection into mind-bending AI-based visuals and NFTs by

From November 19 to March 5, 2022, artist Refik Anadol will present Unsupervised at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York. The large-scale installation features digital artworks that use artificial intelligence to reinterpret more than 200 years of art from MoMA’s collection. From paintings and photographs to cars and video games, the museum’s body of work is translated into abstract AI-powered imagery that immerses viewers in mind-bending visuals. Read more

Refik Anadol at MoMA


Why a CIA-funded startup plans to bring back the dodo bird by

With a fresh infusion of $150 million, Colossal aims to resurrect the most famous extinct bird—and in the process open a new frontier in genomics. Read more

Colossal Startup Dodo bird