Best Tech Stories around the web #339

AI recruiting Amazon


Could Amazon Be Replacing Recruiters With Artificial Intelligence Software? by

Instead of humans reading your résumé, artificial intelligence technology is equipped to do the job. But can it do it well?Last week, Amazon offered buyouts to its recruiters and could look to replace them with artificial technology software. This is in addition to the projected thousands of people who will be let go from the giant online retailer. Read more

AI recruiting Amazon


Whalecro vehicle captures ocean microdebris via velcro straps as users move underwater by

Students of Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia – comprising Jing Hung Chan, Tan Jia-Hao, Joon Yi Lim, Lim Cher Khai, and Mostafa Marzouk – have developed an underwater sucking device named Whalecro that filters micro debris in the ocean using Velcro straps. These Velcros are strapped around lint roller-like handles and injected into machinery that stirs them. Read more


Science textbooks may be wrong? Fossil mystery has scientists scrutinizing brain evolution by

Half a billion years ago, an ancient wormlike animal that once thrived in Earth’s oceans was preserved in a seabed, whose fossil remains could now challenge our current theories about brain evolution. Read more

Oldest brain


Remote controlled worms can follow stop and go lights by

Scientists in Japan have demonstrated a technique that essentially allows them to remotely control the movements of worms. By implanting light-sensitive proteins into the organisms, the team was able to make them move under green light and stop under UV. Read more

remote controlled worms


Tech solutionism, mutual aid and cooperatives on

Big Tech aims to solve large social issues, from housing to urban transportation. And, with massive layoffs happening all over Silicon Valley, and the sale of Twitter throwing social media into chaos, is it time to rekindle the cooperatives movement in tech? Listen

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