Best Tech Stories around the web #337

Alien contact protocol


‘Digital Twin’ of Earth to Aid Climate Change Studies by

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is collaborating with Nvidia and Lockheed Martin to build the Earth Observation Digital Twin, or EODT. This niche Digital Twin application will bring forth a prototype of Earth modeled on real-time geophysical data sourced from satellites and ground stations. Read more

digital twin Earth


Double the size of the colosseum, pierpaolo lazzarini’s pangeos terayacht is a floating city by

Proposing a giant floating continent, double the size of the Roman Colosseum, Pierpaolo Lazzarini returns with a new innovative, monumental terayacht concept. The Pangeos watercraft is an itinerant floating city, comprising various hotels, shopping centers, parks, ship and aircraft ports, and all other facilities needed to house up to 60,000 guests in the middle of the sea. Read more

Floating town Pangeos Lazzarini


NASA’s Artemis 1 mission is finally headed toward the Moon by

The Space Launch System sent the Orion spacecraft on its way. It’s a brand-new era for the US government’s space program. Read more

Artemis 1 launch


Volocopter is airborne: Drone taxi takes first spin in air traffic near Paris by

An electric helicopter with multiple rotors took its first flight in conventional air traffic near Paris on Thursday as it prepares for commercial flights from 2024. Read more



'Star Wars' and Studio Ghibli team up for a Disney+ Grogu short film by

A couple of days ago, Studio Ghibli tweeted a teaser video showing both its logo and Lucasfilm's, as well as a photo of a Grogu figurine. Now we know what those posts are hinting at. Apparently, the two companies worked together to create a short film hand-drawn by Studio Ghibli. Learn more

Ghibli Star Wars


Scientists Have Founded a ‘Post-Detection Hub’ to Prepare for Alien Contact by

Scientists have established a new research “hub” dedicated to preparing for the discovery of alien life, an event that would finally answer the age-old question of whether we are alone in the universe. Read more

Alien contact protocol