Best Tech Stories around the web #335

Interpol metaverse


Interpol Wants in on the 'Metaverse' by

Interpol announced users can take ‘immersive’ VR training courses while seeming to imply there will only be more crime coming to the metaverse. Read more

Interpol metaverse


France enters ‘white gold’ rush as top producer aims to supply Europe with lithium by

Paris-headquartered minerals giant Imerys plans to develop a lithium extraction project that it’s hoped will help meet demand and secure supply for Europe’s emerging electric vehicle market. Read more

Lithium France


New Simpsons Clip Reveals Anime Lisa Simpson in Death Note Parody By Original Studio by

The Simpsons' annual Treehouse of Horror compilation is right around the corner, and it features a Death Note parody from the studio that worked on the original anime. Read more

Halloween Simpson


KFC brainwave bucket helmet challenges people to experience the power of comfort food by

On October 22, KFC and ad agency Edelman brought a giant, interactive bucket-shaped pop-up to KFC’s flagship store in Hong Kong with their Brainwave Bucket campaign. For one day only, the event challenged stressed and overthinking Hong Kongers to experience the power of comfort food with the new brainwave reading helmet inspired by the iconic chicken bucket. Read more

KFC brainwave bucket


Exploring the Basal cost of software on

The “Basal Cost” of software is an idea from Eduardo Ferro Aldama. The term is borrowed from biology, where the "Basal Metabolic Rate" refers to the number of calories a human body burns just to maintain normal functioning. Applied to software development, the concept is intended to help us pay much more attention to the long term costs — like additional complexity and maintenance — of building a new feature. Listen

Podcast Basal cost software