Best Tech Stories around the web #319

robot jump

With this, you're sure to take a leap into the future. UC Santa Barbara engineering professor Elliot Hawkes creates a circular robot. Researchers make human retinas viable after death and a drone is able to plant 40,000 seeds a day.


Researchers have brought human retinas back to life by

Death remains a mystery. And it would seem that its very definition wants, over the course of some recent scientific work, to be called into question. Today, researchers announce that they have obtained human retinas… which they see after death! Read more



Watch a jumping robot that could one day leap across the moon by

A robot that can jump over 100 times its own height could leap over challenging terrain on the moon and explore the rocky surface more quickly than a wheeled rover, say researchers. Read more


Widely used social media platform Instagram has a coming NFT integration, part of Meta’s push to align its own products and services with the emerging Web3 space. Read more



This Autonomous Seed-Firing Drone Can Plant 40,000 Trees Every Day by

Australian start-up AirSeed Technology identifies areas in need of trees and then uses a fleet of highly advanced ‘octocopters’ to drop seed pods from the sky. They’re like environmental superheroes. Read more