Best Tech Stories around the web #318


This week's innovations make life easier: Foldable homes, 0.12 millimeter speakers and a new way to attend the Cannes Film Festival with Brut offering the ability to attend via Fornite.


MIT develops a speaker thinner than sheet music by

If you’re into cars, you may have heard of vinyl wrapping, which can change the appearance of a car. Engineers from MIT have taken a similarly thin material and created a skinny film that can turn pretty much any surface into a speaker. Read more



An amazing origami house that unfolds in the blink of an eye by

Drawing inspiration from the ancestral technique of origami to create emergency habitats is the diverted objective of Iranian firm Hariri & Hariri Architectures. Read more

origami house


Cannes Film Festival Dives in the Fortnite Metaverse with Brut; Promo Teaser Unveiled by

Brut, Cannes’s new official partner, is bringing the world’s biggest film festival in the metaverse with Epic Games’ hit vidgame Fortnite. Read more



This AI Can Make an Eerily Accurate Portrait Using Only Your Voice by

AI researchers have been working on reconstructing the face of a person using only a short audio recording of that person speaking, and the results are eerily impressive. Read more

AI face


Global Industrie by

The countdown to your annual meeting is on! At Global Industrie, make in a single place, a monitoring of trends and emerging signals allowing you to better anticipate transformations in industry. Read more

global industrie