Best Tech Stories around the web #317

cloud building

This week we're looking at a better world sitting on a terrace, sunny of course, but not looking. Cloud-shaped buildings have been created to purify the air. Cabs will fly. Kites create electricity. And finally, a doctor has holoported...


NASA 'Holoported' a Doctor Onto the International Space Station by

I have a new noun to add to your vocabulary: holoportation. A NASA flight surgeon was holoported beyond Earth and shook hands with astronaut Thomas Pesquet. Read more

holographie NASA


Architects propose lighter-than-air buildings that hover over city streets by

Have you ever been on a city street and looked up at the space above you and thought, “they should really do something with that?”. Read more

cloud building


High-flying kites could power your home with wind energy by

The autonomous flying wind turbines are cheaper and greener. For Florian Bauer, co-CEO and chief technology officer of Kitekraft, developing a flying wind turbine power system, tackling climate change is personal. Read more



Airbus SE has agreed on a partnership with Italy’s ITA Airways that will see the two companies work together toward eventual deployment of the planemaker’s CityAirbus NextGen flying taxi in the country. Read more



Do you want a terrace in the sun? With this card it is possible by

With the return of sunny days comes the best activity in the world: sitting on the terrace in the sun. Here’s the ultimate map to help you find the perfect spot. Read more

map bar