Best Tech Stories around the web #314


Robots made of black magma or dogs for security, a car that charges itself on street lamps, the first homeless person in the metaverse, discover the news of the week!


Robot ‘slime magnet’ could save lives — by searching our insides by

Hong Kong scientists have created a state-of-the-art “slime robot” that can be magnetically manipulated to retrieve inadvertently ingested objects. Read more


Scientists Have Finally Sequenced the Complete Human Genome by

When scientists announced the complete sequence of the human genome in 2003, they were fudging a bit. In fact, nearly 20 years later, about 8% of the genome had never been fully sequenced. Read more



Street lamp charging explodes in Berlin by

As surprising as it may be, it is now possible to charge your electric car from a lamp post in certain areas of Berlin. Read more

lamp charging


We can’t retreat fully into the metaverse to avoid real-world issues, it created ‘Will’, the first person in the metaverse to be experiencing homelessness. Read more



In Pompeii, a robot-dog guards the ruins of the ancient city by

The Pompeii Archaeological Park is arming itself with new technologies to monitor and secure the ruins of the ancient city. Read more



Laval Virtual by

In physical and virtual, Laval virtual is an exhibition dedicated to immersive technologies, augmented and virtual reality.

laval virtual