Best Tech Stories around the web #287

Google, Harvard, Brain map, 3D

This week: Facebook develops a self-learning AI model that can copy any writing style, Australian startup reimagines the future of personal flying machines with its CopterPack, researchers at Google and Harvard create the most detailed map of the cerebral cortex in 3D, Japanese students design a mask out of bread to fight against COVID-19, and don't forget to register to /reveal/, taking place on June 23, 2021.


Facebook’s AI can copy the style of text in photos from a single word by

Facebook today introduced TextStyleBrush, an AI research project that can copy the style of text in a photo from just a single word. The company claims that TextStyleBrush, which can edit and replace arbitrary text in images, is the first “unsupervised” system of its kind that can recognize both typefaces and handwriting. Read more

Facebook TextStyleBrush


Australia's CopterPack completed its first manned test flight by

An Australian startup has recently released footage of its new all-electric personal flying machine. Called 'CopterPack', this interesting innovation builds on a long history of our species' quest to take to the air. While it is not the first personal flying device unveiled over the years, its all-electric setup makes it cleaner and safer to use. Read more


Researchers at Harvard and Google mapped of a piece of human brain in intricate detail by

With the help of Google, a team of Harvard researchers have created an intricate map visualizing the connections within the human brain. Marking the most detailed map of its kind, the ‘brain map’ includes a three dimensional representation of 50,000 cells joined by hundreds of millions of web-like tendrils to become 130 million synapse connections. Read more

Google, Brain map


You can now buy an edible face mask made out of bread by

Three Japanese university students have invented a face mask made of bread that is said to block water droplets to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as offering a "feeling of happiness" thanks to its scent. Read more


/reveal/, on June 23, 2021

On June 23 at 5 pm CEST, b<>com will virtually open the doors to its research campus for the first time. During 75 minutes, we will reveal our latest technologies. You will have the chance to attend insightful demos, listen to recognized experts share their vision on industry challenges, and chat live with our researchers.

There are only a few seats left. Sign up before registration is closed! 


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