Best Tech Stories around the web #281

This week: VR headset to help Thomas Pesquet exercise in space, a removable travel wind turbine, and X-ray emissions detected for the first time on Uranus.


How a virtual-reality headset will help a French astronaut exercise in space by

Thomas Pesquet is set to trial a virtual reality based system giving him the impression of cycling France’s roads while he’s 400 km above Earth in the International Space Station. The French astronaut is scheduled to blast off for the ISS April 22, 2021, for a new six-month mission. Read more


The Wind Catcher by KiteX is a portable power generating wind turbine by

Copenhagen-based KiteX has unveiled the Wind Catcher — a professional wind turbine made from high-quality recycled filaments aimed at campers, RV users and people who want backup power for emergencies. Inspired by kites, this light wind turbine uses strings to hold all the forces in the structure, while being light enough to be carried and assembled by just one person in around 15 minutes. Read more


Astronomers Spot X-Rays Coming From Uranus by

Using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers have detected X-rays coming from Uranus, revealing a previously unknown dimension of this majestic ice giant. Read more