b<>com's people: Interview with Pauline Desnos

Hired in 2013, Pauline is one of b<>com's pioneers! Integration into the networks team, change of lab, anecdotes, she tells us all about her life at b<>com.

Could you tell us about your career path?

After secondary studies, I was attracted to science but without any specific idea of what I wanted to do. So I chose to join an engineering college, INSA, which allowed me to start with a general curriculum. Once my first two years were over, I majored in Industrial Computing and Electronics. After my graduate internship, I sent an application to b<>com and was chosen to join the Networks teams. When I applied, I didn’t know much about networks, but they gave me a chance and five years later, I’m still in the field!

Could you tell us about the work you do and the teams you do it with?

I work within the Network Interfaces lab that designs the latest generation of fixed and mobile network interfaces. There about thirty of us in all. My work consists of developing FPGA modules for sending and receiving network signals. In concrete terms, the thousands of connected objects that surround us are continuously sending information in different “languages”. My work consists of cleaning up that captured signal so that it can be "translated” into binary language that processing software can understand.

What do you like about b<>com?

Any anecdotes to share with us?