b<>com's people: Interview with Cambodge Bist

For this new portrait of b<>com's people, we have chosen to interview Cambodge Bist. He started at b<>com as a doctoral student in the Advanced Media Coding laboratory and is now a Research Engineer. He has shared with us the many opportunities that b<>com has offered him.

Can you tell us how you got here?

As a native of India, I got my engineering degree in Surathkal in 2012. I chose to continue my studies in France, in Toulouse, with a Master’s in electronics, focusing on signal and image processing. After an internship at Technicolor in video compression, I joined b<>com in 2014, for my PhD thesis, in the Advanced Media Coding laboratory, which works on new audio and imaging formats. My thesis, which was done in partnership with University of Rennes 1, dealt with the conversion of SDR content into HDR format. Once I got my doctorate, b<>com offered me a job as a Research Engineer in order to move to the commercialization phase. There are now 25 of us working in the Advanced Media Coding lab, with some engineers being provided by Orange, Harmonic, and TDF. I’m also regularly working with the teams from the Augmented Health laboratory for whom SDR-HDR conversion is also promising.

Cambodge with SDR-HDR converter

What do you like about b<>com?

Off the top of my head, I’d say the diversity of the teams. The b<>com model mixes people with 20 years of experience and young graduates who want nothing more than to keep learning. You also come across people with an entrepreneurial profile or university researchers. Everyone provides their own perspective and experience to achieve a common goal. b<>com also provides us with support teams who help quickly commercialize the technologies that our research produces. It’s really satisfying to see your research turned into a product!

What about its global aspects?

b<>com has really given me the chance to get out of my lab! In four years, I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot to present scientific papers in Victoria and San Diego, and to attend standardization conferences in Geneva and Warsaw. I did an internship at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. I was also able to present our SDR-HDR conversion technology at international trade shows such as the NAB Show in Las Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam.. It’s a real opportunity to be able to discuss with your peers and take the pulse of the market in order to improve, simplify, and adopt your technology to what the industry needs.

Got an anecdote to share?

Last year, we had just gotten to the NAB Show in Las Vegas to present our SDR-HDR conversion technology, among other things. We were setting up the booth when one of the show officials came by to tell us that our technology had just been selected winner of the NAB Technology Innovation Award. This prize is given out to the best technical contributions to the world of broadcasting. What a reward for the team! I’m proud to have played a role in it.