b<>com organizes the first international workshop on 5G Radio Virtual Machine

With ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute) as endorsing partner, b<>com is organizing on March 10th an international workshop on Radio Virtual Machine and Security for Multi-RAT Reconfigurable Systems.

Open to network and radio communication experts from around the world, this one-day event will address the Radio Virtual Machine concepts that can be viewed as an extension to the well-known Software Defined Radio (SDR) approach.

This international workshop will investigate innovative solutions related to future 5G network and more specifically the domain of multi-RAT reconfigurable systems addressed in Scalable Radio Virtual Machine and Security point of view. The new solutions to be addressed may cover the topics of:

  • Multiple Radio Access Technologies (RATs)
  • Flexibility and scalability solutions for multi-RAT communications
  • Scalability radio virtual machine architecture
  • Security in multi-RAT environment
  • Security in data and control planes management

This special event will include presentations by experts and innovative exhibitions with hardware and software platform by b<>com members : Orange, INSA, CentraleSupélec, etc.

Workshop 5G Radio Virtual Machine ETSI 2016