b<>com at Sea Tech Week 2016

The b<>com teams from the Immersive Interactions and Usages & Acceptability labs will be in Brest from October 10 to 13 for the AFRV (French Virtual Reality Association) events organized as part of Sea Tech Week – Stand 31-33.

Sea Tech Week, the global week for sea-based science and technology, brings international experts from various sea-related disciplines to Brest every two years. For the 10th edition, the main topic of Sea Tech Week will be Sea & Digital.

In a partnership with Oceanopolis, the b<>com teams are currently working on an edutainment project that will enable Oceanopolis visitors to explore the seafloor using virtual reality. This unique experience will allow viewers the option to interact immersively with other users and have total freedom of movement. The first completed efforts will be demonstrated in Quartz's exhibit areas.

b<>com will also use Sea Tech Week to show off its data visualization solution *Data SpotR*. It will offer users the ability, thanks to virtual reality, to "dive into" data - in this case, ecological and environmental data - to walk through scatter plots or fly over a map.