A European Award for the b<>com Datacenter

Fred Pieau

b<>com was awarded the price for the best participant datacenter in 2015 in the "New Datacenter" category by the experts of the European programme, the Code of Conduct for Data Centres Energy Efficiency.

In May 2015, b<>com become a partner of the European programme known as the Code of Conduct for Data Centres Energy Efficiency.

Created in 2008, this initiative of the European Union's Institute for Energy and Transport aims to address the growing demand for electrical energy in European datacenters. The goal of the programme is to inform datacenter operators and encourage them to lower their power consumption without hindering their operational mission.

Partnership in this programme and being able to display its logo demonstrate:

  • That the datacenter has been designed in accordance with the level of energy efficiency required by the Code of Conduct
  • A strong commitment to environmental responsibility and optimizing the infrastructure's operational costs
  • Through a rigorous application analysis process, that the datacenter is designed and operated based on the best available technological choices in order to achieve a high level of energy efficiency, at reasonable management costs.

After an analysis of the energy performance of its datacenter, on June 7 the Code of Conduct's experts awarded b<>com the prize for the best partner Datacenter in 2015 in the "New Datacenter" category.