Intellectual property, technological solutions , R&D à la carte, consulting, technological platforms

Intellectual Property and Technological Solutions

b<>com produces patents and technological solutions in areas like artificial intelligence, immersive video and audio, content protection, 5G networks, the Internet of Things, and cognitive technologies.

R&D services

For companies that want to get their innovations to market faster, b<>com offers research contracts in its fields of expertise. This way, b<>com experts can help accelerate the innovation process and break down technological barriers.


The experts at b<>com can be solicited to support companies in some aspects of their technological innovation projects, like searching for prior art, drafting an optimal set of specifications, or searching for specialized sub-contractors.

Technological platforms

b<>com invests in the latest technological platforms in order to support its projects in the fields of networks and artificial intelligence. These equipments are available for rent.


Let's collaborate!

Whether you're a large corporate group, an academic player, or a small or medium business, with b<>com you're choosing a partnership that lasts. Want to find the outside skills that you need? Pool your R&D investments? Get to market faster? Become an investor or client member.

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