Cybersecurity: b<>com shows off its strengths at the FIC

FIC 2017

The Forum International de la Cybersécurité, which opens its doors today in Lille, is THE meet-up for the vast field of digital trust. Through its commitment to the Telecom Sovereignty Plan, which seeks to ensure the security of digital infrastructure, and its involvement in the Cyber Excellence Center, b<>com has proven itself to be a serious player in cybersecurity. It develops technological solutions in order to ensure the protection of infrastructure, content, data, and people.

Network security: A major challenge

For new generations of networks, like 5G, security issues need to be taken into account as early as the design phase. These networks must offer greater security than the previous generation, account for new needs that stem from new practices (such as IoT) and new technologies like SDN (Software-Defined Networking). These networks will be massively programmable and enable centralized control. For them, security is critical. To address this emerging issue, b<>com offers an SDN Firewall, which can turn any SDN switch into a firewall. Unlike conventional firewalls located at the periphery in traditional networks, b<>com’s is located at the center of the network, detecting attacks closer to the attackers, whether they are internal or external.

Ensuring the security of content and people

There are three ways to improve data security: better authentication of the information system’s users and actors, more effective access control, and data traceability. Authentication methods are becoming more complicated each day to counter security flaws, which has become a nightmare for Internet users. b<>com offers a unique, simple, robust authentication system. It includes a brand-new browser fingerprinting technology for identifying Internet terminals. Combined with a question-and-answer system, it provides a totally transparent add-on to the traditional login/password pairing, and prevents attackers from reusing the data that they have fraudulently obtained.

Data traceability is also the last line of defense when a data leak has occurred. b<>com offers a persistent, transparent watermarking solution to counter multimedia content piracy. This technology can be deployed in B2B mode for post-production, or B2C mode for video-on-demand, to name two examples. It makes it possible to find the original source of the data leak (a malicious act, a terminal whose security has been compromised, etc.).


Europe and cybersecurity

Digital security is a matter of strategic focus for Europe, and 5G is a priority for Brussels. b<>com is involved in three European projects, particularly through b<>com *Flexible Netlab*, its unique-in-Europe testing platform for 5G ENSURE, SENDATE and 5GinFire.