Best Tech Stories around the web #394

Euclid telescope


The Euclid telescope reveals unprecedented images of the dark universe by

The European space telescope Euclid, dedicated to the study of dark matter and dark energy, has unveiled stunning new images of the universe. Among them are purple and orange nebulas, a dense galaxy cluster, and a spiral galaxy similar to the Milky Way. These pictures, taken in a single day, show a multitude of shining galaxies and star nurseries.

One highlight is the image of the Abell 2390 cluster, located 2.7 billion light years away, revealing more than 50,000 galaxies. The presence of dark matter is detectable by the gravitational distortion of light. Euclid also captured the deepest-ever image of Messier 78, where new stars are being born. A technical incident even produced an unprecedented and surprising image of a previously unknown dwarf galaxy.

These initial discoveries promise to transform our understanding of the universe. The six-year Euclid mission is set to bring many fascinating revelations. For astronomy enthusiasts, these images are a preview of what this revolutionary telescope will offer.

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