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Revolutionary Bionic Hand Fuses With Woman's Bones, Muscles, And Nerves by

The bionic hand is based on revolutionary technology that connects directly to a user's bones, muscles, and nerves – creating a human-machine interface that allows AI to translate brain signals into precise yet simple movements. Read more

Robotic Arm


If the idea of driving down a winding road makes you feel queasy, spare a thought for the mice employed in a new study, which sought to pinpoint the brain cells responsible for motion sickness.  Read more
Science road



Fresh analysis of the bits of our moon, brought home by Apollo 17 astronauts, has suggested our moon is 4.46 billion years old — 40 million years older than we previously thought. Read more


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Lonely Redditors Heartbroken When AI "Soulmate" App Suddenly Shuts Down by

Take the aftermath of the AI companion app Soulmate, whose shutdown led to heartbreak for the people who'd come to rely on its artificial intimacy. Read more