Best Tech Stories around the web #370

Torch JO 2024


Bioengineered E. coli bacteria generates electricity from wastewater by

In a breakthrough for the field of bioelectronics, researchers at EPFL have enhanced the ability of E. coli bacteria to generate electricity. The innovative approach offers a sustainable solution for organic waste processing. Read more



Mathieu Lehanneur is the designer of the torch for the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. For him, designing the Paris 2024 Olympic torch is a dream that only comes true once in a lifetime. Read more
Torch JO 2024


James Webb Spots Possible Signs of Life on Distant Planet by

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has spotted an early yet tantalizing piece of evidence that an exoplanet some 120 light years away could be covered in a massive ocean — that's possibly harboring life. Read more

James webb


Here’s why mathematicians are so interested in cake cutting by

The problem attracts game theorists, computer scientists, economists and more.  Read more