Best Tech Stories around the web #368

talking to whales with AI


New brain implant allows paralyzed patient to communicate through digital avatar by

For all our leaps in brain interface technology, the devices that help severely paralyzed patients communicate are still extremely sluggish. That may be starting to change. Two teams of researchers in California, as detailed in dual new studies published in the journal Nature, say they've engineered a device set to revolutionize the field. Read more

brain implant avatar


How to Use AI to Talk to Whales—and Save Life on Earth by

With ecosystems in crisis, engineers and scientists are teaming up to decipher what animals are saying. Their hope: By truly listening to nature, humans will decide to protect it. Read more

talking to whales with AI


'Waves of code' light installation explores media reflexivity and aesthetics in the digital age by

Young media artist Liu Jiayu presents her latest artistic practice titled Waves of Code, an artwork generated after a discussion between the creative and ChatGPT. Read more


XR with impact: Building experience that drive business value on

XR is a potentially transformative technology, but it needs to be leveraged in a way that drives value. That isn't straightforward — given effective XR initiatives often require significant experimentation and exploration, simply aligning XR with strict organizational goals and aims will often make it harder to achieve success. How can technologists and product leaders get the balance right? Listen

XR impact business