Best Tech Stories around the web #356

Zhurong Mars Rover


This OLED screen can fill with liquid to form tactile buttons by

Swiping and tapping on flat screens is something we’ve learned to deal with in smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen gizmos, but it doesn’t come close to the ease of typing on a hardware keyboard or playing a game with a physical controller. To that end, researchers have created a display that can protrude screen areas in different configurations. Read more

flat panel haptics


Chinese Rover Finds Evidence of Liquid Water on Mars by

Researchers claim that China's Zhurong rover, which has spent months exploring the Martian surface, may have found evidence — though not quite proof — of liquid water at low latitudes where temperatures are relatively warm and more suitable for life. Read more

Zhurong Mars Rover


This new upcoming video game looks way too real by

Unrecord is a new video game where players play from the perspective of the protagonist’s bodycam. Its new trailer has many questioning whether it’s really a game or actually bodycam footage. Read more

unrecord video game


Drake’s AI clone is here — and Drake might not be able to stop him by

Major record labels are going after AI-generated songs, arguing copyright infringement. Legal experts say the approach is far from straightforward. Read more

drake the weeknd ai


Sustainable Computing: Energy Efficiency, Code, and AI on

In this episode of InTechnology, the hosts get into sustainable computing with Dr. Tamar Eilam, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist for Sustainable Computing. They talk about the effects of hardware and software on energy efficiency, the current state of sustainable computing in the tech industry, and how AI is being used to create climate change solutions. Listen

InTechnology podcast