Best Tech Stories around the web #355

Open AI Neo robot


Oh God... OpenAI is Working on a Humanoid Robot by

With all the runaway success it's having with ChatGPT, OpenAI seemingly wants to give its versatile large language models a physical body — and is now throwing its money behind building a humanoid robot worker. Read more

Open AI Neo robot


Universal Music Asks Streaming Services to Block AI Access to Its Songs by

The world’s largest music company, Universal Music Group, is asking major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to block artificial intelligence companies from using its music to “train” their technology, according to a recent report in Financial Times. Read more

Universal against AI


2024 Polestar 4 Redefines Electric Coupe-SUVs, Because Who Needs A Rear Window? by

The fastest EV in Polestar's lineup blurs the boundaries between sedan and SUV and features a distinctive no-rear-window design. Read more

Polestar car


Artist Refuses Prize After His AI Image Wins at Top Photo Contest by

A photographer has stirred up fresh controversy and debate after his artificial intelligence (AI) image won first prize at one of the world’s most prestigious photography competitions. He has since declined to accept the prize while the contest has remained silent on the matter. Read more

Picture contest AI