Best Tech Stories around the web #343

CES Las Vegas BMW Vision Dee


The best products and moments of CES 2023 by

The CES 2023 tech trade show was in full gear in Las Vegas, drawing lots of crowds back to the biggest North American tech trade fest. Now it’s time to analyze and make some sense of this. Read more

CES Las Vegas BMW Vision Dee


Underwater bike garage solves Amsterdam station’s storage headache by

Central station is replacing its messy, overflowing cycle parking facilities with a low-cost area that’s tucked away out of sight. Read more


Huge rare earth metals discovery in Arctic Sweden by

Europe's largest deposit of rare earths - which are used from mobile phones to missiles - has been found in Sweden. No rare earths are mined in Europe at the moment and a Swedish minister hailed the find as a way of reducing the EU's dependence on China. Read more

Rare earth metal in Sweden

China's First Mars Rover May Have Run Into Trouble on the Dusty Planet by

The China's historic Zhurong rover has been quiet since weathering an intense dust storm in 2022. Read more

Chinese rover Zhurong


Wyoming GOP lawmaker pushes electric-car ban, then says he didn’t mean it by

A group of Republican lawmakers in Wyoming introduced a bill last week urging the legislature to seek to phase out the sale of new electric vehicles by 2035. Read more

Wyoming electric-car ban


Nick Cave Slams AI Attempts at Nick Cave Songs by

Fans tasked controversial AI bot ChatGPT to write songs in the musician's trademark style, and he was not amused. Read more

Nick Cave hates AI