Best Tech Stories around the web #292


"As they move through Medusa, the dynamic structure changes and evolves based on the movement of its admirers. Visitors will be able to simultaneously observe this piece of virtual architecture, floating and moving inside of the space that is confined by the gallery itself," Yoyo Munk, Tin Drum's chief science officer.


Facebook can project your eyes onto a VR headset, and it’s exactly as uncanny as it sounds by

Facebook Reality Labs wants to help people see your eyes while you’re in virtual reality — even if the results sit somewhere between mildly unsettling and nightmarish. Earlier this week, FRL released a paper on “reverse pass through VR,” a recipe for making VR headsets less physically isolating. Researchers devised a method for translating your face onto the front of a headset, although they emphasize it’s still firmly experimental. Read more


Varda Space Industries will send its first space factory to orbit on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket by

Varda Space Industries, a startup that wants to build in-space manufacturing facilities, will be sending its first spacecraft to orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2023. Read more



Sou Fujimoto creates undulating virtual installation in London by

Visitors to this year's London Design Festival can use mixed-reality glasses to manipulate their walk through Medusa, a virtual installation by architect Sou Fujimoto. Read more



Tesla Gigabier adds beer to the automaker's alcoholic arsenal by

More important, a plant tour showed our first glimpse of 4680 cells and structural packs. Read more



Klimt vs Klimt, an online Google exhibition recreating works lost during WWII by 

Google has made available through their arts and culture app a comprehensive retrospective on austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. titled Klimt vs Klimt – the man of contradictions, the exhibition joins previous projects such as art selfie and the virtual Frida Kahlo exhibition Faces of Frida. Read more



AIxIA: AI Conference 2021, 18. & 19.11.2021, online conference

Artificial Intelligence meets Intelligence Artificielle. Be part of the next French-German conference on the application of AI This year you can enjoy two days filled with use cases, keynotes, political impulses and networking – all around the topic of "Artificial Intelligence of Things“! Register here