Best Tech Stories around the web #289

Solar Orbiter Venus Flyby

"The historic double flyby was a result of the two spacecraft attempting to reduce their orbital energy while en route to their respective destinations."


BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter collect data on Venus during historic double flyby by

On August 9, 2021, the joint ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft performed a flyby of Venus, coming within 7,995 km of the Venusian surface. Just 33 hours later, on August 10, the joint ESA/JAXA BepiColombo spacecraft flew by the planet, coming within 552 km of the surface. Read more


"Authentic Balenciaga looks" released in video game Fortnite by

Fashion house Balenciaga has collaborated with video game Fortnite to release a collection of in-game clothes and limited edition physical garments. Read more



Forget city traffic jams. Airbus has launched its next-generation CityAirBus 'flying taxi' by

Hailing a flying taxi has come one step closer after Airbus unveiled its new all-electric next-generation CityAirBus in Toulouse on Wednesday. Read more



‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ review: Visually stunning and overflowing with charm by

Although it is only the first game from its development team, Kena: Bridge of Spirits comes with a level of hype and expectation that is normally reserved for AAA blockbusters. Read more



Machine learning tool 99% accurate at spotting early signs of Alzheimer’s in the lab by

Researchers at the Kaunas Universities in Lithuania have developed an algorithm that can predict the risk of someone developing Alzheimer’s disease from brain images with over 99% accuracy. Read more



BIG DATA & AI PARIS, September 28th & 29th

BIG DATA & AI PARIS is one of the most influent European event for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in 2021. Find a unique concentration of content and key players in the sector, discover how to do better, faster and more efficiently. Register here.

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