Best Tech Stories around the web #285

UE forest

This week: Microsoft builds a tool that turns natural speech into code, astronomers unveil the largest map of dark matter in the universe, game developer creates hyper-realistic forest inside UE 5, and register now for Cambridge Wireless' online event on June 10, 2021.


Microsoft has built an AI-powered autocomplete for code using GPT-3 by

In September 2020, Microsoft purchased an exclusive license to the underlying technology behind GPT-3, an AI language tool built by OpenAI. Now, the Redmond, Washington-based tech giant has announced its first commercial use case for the program: an assistive feature in the company’s PowerApps software that turns natural language into readymade code. Read more


The most detailed dark-matter map of our universe is weirdly smooth by

We know dark matter exists because we can observe its effects on all the stuff that’s swirling around in the universe. Scientists estimate that about 27% of the universe is made of dark matter (68% is dark energy, and the last 5% is ordinary matter and energy). The questions on everyone’s mind: Where exactly is all that elusive stuff located? And how is it distributed throughout the universe? Read more


Someone Made an Incredible Realistic Forest Scene in Unreal Engine 5 by

The Unreal Engine is a staple of game development, and one of Epic Games' biggest assets outside of Fortnite. A powerful and available tool for developers, both indie and AAA, Unreal Engine is used for everything from videos to games, including fan remakes of older games. Read more


Cambridge Wireless : Volumetric Video – a Study in Depth, on June 10, 2021

This online event will open up the science and applications of multi-dimensional imaging. Drawing on speakers who are the leading exponents of this exciting technology area, they will present a comprehensive picture of the state-of-the-art in creation, processing, transmission and display of volumetric video content.

At 3:05 pm CEST, Jérôme Royan, b<>com's XR expert, will be speaking on the topic 'ARCloud - a crowd-sourced 3D mapping', covering the benefits of ARCloud, the technological challenges and the future impacts of such technology on our society.

Cambridge Wireless 2021