H2020 Project

Cloud innovations have had a major impact on the IT industry but not yet on networks. The danger is that 5G will be a niche industry providing basic connectivity for the cloud application and services boom. 

The NGPaaS project envisages 5G as: A build-to-order platform, with components, features and performance tailored to a particular use case; developed through a “Dev-for-Operations” model to support a multi-sided platform between operators, vendors and verticals; and with revised Operational and Business Support Systems to reflect the new parameters and highly dynamic environment.

NGPaaS can enable 5G to become central to a cooperative future with cloud developers, by removing the technological silos between the telco and IT industries.

Within NGPaaS, b<>com will provide some of the bricks of the Next Generation Telco PaaS pilot for 5G. b<>com will participate in the conception and implementation of the "dev for operations" model, which will bring a new relationship between VNF vendors and operators. In this framework, b<>com is focused on open source-based VNFs (b<>com is member of the Open Air Interface Alliance) as well as hardware acceleration processing in a cloud infrastructure. More specifically, b<>com will set up one or more use cases in order to demonstrate the benefits brought by this technology into Next Generation PaaS for 5G.

Partners: Alcatel-Lucent Labs France (France), Onapp Limited (UK), Virtuel Open Systems (France), Alcatel Lucent Israël (Israel), Orange SA (France), Atos (Spain), Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Denmark), Iec (Belgium), Universita Degli Studi Di (Italy), Vertical M2M (France), British Telecommunications (UK).

Period: 2017-2019

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