H2020 Project

The 5GinFire project builds and operates a 5G experiment platform, by providing an NFV/SDN environment that includes state-of-the-art hardware and software infrastructure. This environment is the most generic possible for accommodating experiments via calls for experimentation in various business verticals (smart cities, connected vehicles, etc.).

As part of this project, b<>com deploys virtualized or physical network functions (Unifier Gateway) in its partners’ experiment environments in the United Kingdom and Portugal to provide mobile connectivity by implementing the concept of “edge computing.”

Partners: Eurescom (Germany), Easy Global Market (France), Instituto de Telecomunicações (Portugal), Telefonica (Spain), Universidat Carlos III de Ladrid (Spain), University of Bristol (United Kingdom), University of Patras (Greece), Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (Brazil), University of São Paulo (Brazil).

Period: 2017-2019

More info: https://5ginfire.eu/