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b<>com is a private Institute of Research and Technology that explores, designs, and provides innovations to companies that want to boost their competitiveness using digital tools.

Its technologies are developed for digital infrastructure, the cultural and creative industries, health care, defense, security, and industry 4.0.

Based in Rennes, Paris, Lannion, and Brest, its experts come up with solutions in the fields of 5G networks and beyond, image and sound processing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cognitive science, and mixed realities.

With its advanced engineering team and the scientific resources it owns, b<>com provides its clients with innovations that make the difference.

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Here is where we freely provide you the materials you may need for your interviews and reporting: Visuals to illustrate your topics & our expertise, images of our campus, pictures of your interview subjects, the b<>com logo, etc.

Campus b-com Rennes

b<>com's campus in Rennes @Fred Pieau


SDR-HDR conversion @The Explorers

Emmanuelle Garnaud Gamache directrice générale de b-com

Emmanuelle Garnaud Gamache, CEO, b<>com ©Fred Pieau

Institut de Recherche Technologique b<>com

b<>com, Institute of Research & Technology ©Fred Pieau

b<>com, campus de Rennes

b<>com's campus in Rennes, @Fred Pieau

b<>com travaille sur la 5G depuis sa création

b<>com has been working on 5G since its creation @Fred Pieau

Great experience comes with b<>com

b<>com, Institute of Research & Technology ©Fred Pieau

Marion Carcreff - bcom
© Fred Pieau


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