Laure Quatreboeufs

Training advisory board

University lecturer, member of the executive team in charge of student entrepreneurship, Rennes 1 University

Laure Quatreboeufs - bcom

Graduated from Rennes 1 University: MSTCF (IGR-IAE) in 1997, DESCF and Aggregation in Management and Economics in 1998. She has been teaching at the University Institute of Technology (IUT) in Rennes since 2000, at the department of Business and Administrative Management. She was the director of that department from 2012 to 2016. Especially keen on entrepreneurship and project-based education, she has set up and still holds shared responsibility for two awareness and training schemes on entrepreneurship for students at the IUT in Rennes: Créa-IUT (since 2008) and “24 Heures pour Entreprendre” (since 2012). In 2006, she also joined the team of the Rennes1 Foundation “Progresser, Innover, Entreprendre”.