Jérôme Royan


Senior Architect

Jérôme Royan - bcom
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  • Career

Jérôme Royan received an Engineer Degree in Computer Science from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes (INSA), France, in 2001, as well as a Master of research Degree in Computer Science from the University of Rennes in 2001. He received a Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Rennes in 2005. During his Ph.D. studies, he was a R&D Engineer at Orange Labs (Rennes France), position that he holds until 2013.


  • At b<>com

At b<>com since 2013, he led the Immersive Interactions laboratory. He represents teacher-researchers on b<>com’s Board of Directors. He is now the Chief Architect in charge of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning applied to computer vision. This primary research includes 3D interaction, immersive collaborative experiences, and immersive visualization of large quantities of data. Most recently, he has worked to improve the interoperability of augmented reality technologies by creating an industrial specification group at ETSI named Augmented Reality Framework, and by launching the open source SolAR initiative to address vision pipelines dedicated to augmented reality.


  • Main patents

Method And Device For Selecting Level Of Detail, By Visibility Computing For Three-Dimensional Scenes With Multiple Levels Of Detail J Royan, L Bouget, R Cavagna, US Patent App. 11/814,810

Method for the Transmission of Content Visualization Data Between a Server and at Least One Client Terminal, Corresponding Terminal and Computer Program R Cavagna, J Royan, O Aubault, US Patent App. 11/908,381


  • Main publications

Network-based visualization of 3d landscapes and city models J Royan, P Gioia, R Cavagna, C Bouville ,  IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2007

Design and application of real-time visual attention model for the exploration of 3D virtual environments S Hillaire, A Lecuyer, T Regia-Corte, R Cozot, J Royan, G Breton, IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 18 (3), 2012, 356-368

Solipsis: A decentralized architecture for virtual environments D Frey, J Royan, R Piegay, AM Kermarrec, E Anceaume, F Le Fessant, 1st International Workshop on Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments, 2008

A flexible framework to personalize 3d web users experience N Esnault, J Royan, R Cozot, C Bouville, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Web 3D Technology, 2010, 35-44

The Stretchable Arms for Collaborative Remote Guiding Morgan Le Chénéchal, Thierry Duval, Valérie Gouranton, Jérôme Royan, Bruno Arnaldi, Proceedings of International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments, 2015, Kyoto, Japan.

D3PART: A new Model for Redistribution and Plasticity of 3D User Interfaces Jérémy Lacoche, Thierry Duval, Bruno Arnaldi, Éric Maisel, Jérôme Royan, 3DUI 2016 : IEEE symposium on 3D User Interfaces Summit, Mar 2016, Greenville, 23-36

Unconstrained Gaze Estimation Using Random Forest Regression Voting Amine Kacete, Renaud Séguier, Michel Collobert, Jérôme Royan, Springer. ACCV 13th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Nov 2016, Taipei, Taiwan.