FIT - bcom

The French Institutes Technology (FIT) Association was created in 2015 to unify and support the actions of the 8 Institutes of Research and Technology (IRT). In 2020, the 8 Energy Transition Institutes (ITEs) joined the association.

Recognized as leaders in key areas of technological research, the IRTs and ITEs have created the association FIT, which seeks to:

  • bolster the appeal of the IRT/ITE model, in their structural and organizational diversity, both in France and abroad
  • serve as a point of contact for the European Commission so that IRTs and ITEs can play a role within Research & Innovation programs, particularly H2020 programs
  • promote dialog between members and coordinate their actions to optimize their operational efficiency, development, and sustainability
  • achieve greater consistency between the various goals of the French government’s “Investissements d’Avenir” (Future Investments) program, particularly by strengthening ties between academia and industry. The IRTs and ITEs can also set an example for this consistency by identifying areas of common interest for scientific collaborations.

The 8 IRTs: b<>com, Bioaster, Jules Verne, M2P, Nanoelec, Railenium, Saint-Exupery, SystemX

The 8 ITEs: Efficacity, France Energies Marine, IPVF, Vedecom, Nobatek/INEF4, SAS Pivert, SuperGrid Institute et Ines.2S.