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Cookie and provider Purpose Lifetime Accept Refuse
Hotjar Audience measurement No more than 13 months Accept Refuse

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Moreover, the “b<>” website uses the Matomo audience measurement cookie which provides fully anonymized statistics only, without any consequences on your browsing experience.


Detailed description of each cookie:

Hotjar processes data related to your browsing on our website. To do that, Hotjar registers and shares with us your movement through our website, including the real-time history of your clicks, which allows us to draw the consequences necessary to improve your user experience.

Hotjar associates your data to a unique identifier for each user. However, b<>com cannot process this unique identifier and only receives anonymous data that are not allowing to re-identify users.

Hotjar does not transfer your data to a third-party, with the possible exception of its sub-processors whose intervention is necessary to provide Hotjar’s service, nor reuses your data for other purposes than web analytics.

You can get further information about the way that Hotjar processes your data clicking here.

Hotjar’s audience measurement services help us in the proper administration and enhancement of the website. However, you have the possibility to object to their use without any consequences for your browsing.


Lifetime of cookies:

Cookies will remain on your computer until you delete them or until they expire after a maximum of 13 months.

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