Selection #3

Chaque semaine b<>com vous propose une sélection des meilleurs articles du moment : 

  1. Orange veut faire de la ville intelligente un des piliers de sa croissance, by David Feugey on July 10, 2013 –   La ville intelligente (aussi dit « Smart City ») est la nouvelle cible de la compagnie Orange. En effet, le géant français voit l’accompagnement des villes vers le numérique comme un relai de croissance de ses activités historiques. Découvrez la série d’initiatives et d’annonces du groupe pour atteindre son but…
  2. The Paradox of Wearable Technologies, by Don Norman on July 24, 2013 – MIT Techology Review Ever talk to someone at a party or conference reception only to discover that the person you are talking to is constantly scanning the room? Doesn’t the person realize that you notice? Welcome to the brave new world of wearable computers, which will tread within the uneasy space bounded by continual distraction, continual diversion of attention, and continual blank stares along one border; and focused attention, continual enhancement, and better interaction, understanding, and retention along the other. Google’s latest hardware toy, Glass, which has received a lot of attention, is only the beginning of this challenge. Focus.
  3. Que vous le vouliez ou non, votre ordinateur vous écoutera constamment, by Valentin Pringuay on July 26, 2013 – Presse Citron  Microsoft & Google nous envoient des signaux clairs (avec la Xbox One & le Moto X), l’ordinateur du futur vous écoutera en permanence. Alors, innovant ou effrayant ?
  4. An Armband Promises a Simpler Route to Gesture Control, by Rachel Metz on July 26, 2013 – MIT Technology Review  When it comes to gesture-control systems like Microsoft’s Kinect, some applications—like gaming—are obvious. Others—like controlling your window blinds—are less so. Story…
  5. Life-Size Holograms for Your Living Room Are on the Horizon, by Vignesh Ramachandran on July 26, 2013 – Mashable  We've seen holograms in Star Wars and Star Trek and other Hollywood cinema. But now, life-size holograms could eventually be a reality in your own living room. Discover!