panel Harmonic HDR production & delivery
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What are the hottest innovative techniques to optimize HDR content production and delivery?


Watch this webinar to learn about innovative techniques from Dolby, Phabrix, Harmonic, and b<>com to optimize the production and delivery of HDR content.

Moderated by Stuart Thomson, informa tech, this panel showcases how advances in video processing and AI technologies are enabling operators to launch HDR channels with greater ease and efficiency. You'll get the nuts and bolts of how to provide the premium experience your subscribers want on every screen.

panel Harmonc HDR production & delivery

Among other subjects, you'll hear about b<>com *Sublima* which is the only way to get all the benefits of real-time dynamic and adaptive conversion techniques, without any need for manual adjustment. Based on an intelligent algorithm, this product guarantees an optimal conversion from SDR to HDR, HDR to SDR, or roundtrip, regardless of the video content. The product won a NAB Innovation Award in 2017 and a NAB Product of the Year Award in 2019. Many broadcast professionals including live production solution providers and broadcast network infrastructure specialists as well as video market leaders have chosen to work with b<>com’s converter.


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