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[webinar] Let’s talk about Adaptative HDR Conversion with EVS Media Infrastructure and b<>com!


EVS Media Infrastructure, a global leader in broadcast network infrastructure, and b<>com, have teamed up to offer b<>com *Adaptive HDR Converter*, a real-time adaptive HDR conversion functionality to the users of EVS Media Infrastructure brand new product, Neuron. In this context, EVS Media Infrastructure and b<>com organized a webinar dedicated to the conversion from HDR to SDR (and back) on 2020, May 27.

Next to the use of static LUTs in a simultaneous SDR and HDR production environment, the new range of products EVS Media Infrastructure, Neuron, offers b<>com adaptive algorithm. Where a LUT is a fixed mathematical conversion, a dynamic algorithm allows a real-time frame-by-frame conversion, which can adapt to the characteristics of each image without any need for manual adjustments. Especially in the conversion from HDR to SDR you often benefit from an algorithm that takes the total light volume into account. The b<>com algorithm is such a product now integrated into the powerful Neuron product range offered by EVS Media Infrastructure.

Join Peter Schut, CTO at EVS Media Infrastructure, and Tania Pouli, Deputy Lab Manager at b<>com, talked about the various HDR conversion solutions and its implementation on this new Neuron product.

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