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Video Processing family

Video conversion and optimization tools for broadcasters


The Video Processing family is aimed at audio-visual content equipment suppliers who want to optimize their digital solutions for the production, post-production, broadcast or distribution of live or on-demand content. The family comprises two solutions: b<>com *Sublima* and b<>com *Wisdom*.

b<>com *Sublima* is a multi-award-winning HDR converter based on an intelligent algorithm, which guarantees optimal, dynamic and real-time SDR-HDR conversion for HD, UHD, 4K content.

The b<>com *Wisdom* intelligent variable frame rate optimizer is a solution for delivering video content over IP in an energy-saving, bandwidth-saving way.

video conversion and optimisation

b<>com *Sublima*

b<>com *Sublima* offers all the benefits of real-time frame-by-frame adaptive conversion techniques, without any need for manual adjustment. Based on an intelligent algorithm, this product guarantees an optimal conversion regardless of the video content. Despite the adaptive conversion, it does not require the use of metadata, and yet is still able to guarantee a visually lossless round trip.

b<>com *Sublima* is the evolution of award winning products which are live commercially and integrated within our international partners’ products.

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HDR video conversion


  • Cost effective HDR content production and distribution
  • Simpler workflow combining conversions back and forth
  • Best in class for Live production: No metadata required and style aware conversion
  • Versatile: Easy integration at any stage of the production and distribution workflows
  • Excellent subjective quality: Frame by frame adaptive conversion


  • Real-time adaptive up/down conversion
  • Perfect roundtrip
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Supports HD and UHD standards
  • Works with any HDR format: PQ/ HLG/Slog3
  • Small footprint IP core on FPGA

b<>com *Wisdom*

b<>com *Wisdom* is an intelligent variable frame rate optimizer that reduces bandwidth requirements and storage capacity on video servers while preserving the quality of experience of high frame rate source video. As a result, it's an energy-efficient solution, since less processing is required on the receiver side.

wisdom vfr optimizer


  • Easier bandwidth management while preserving the user experience
  • Energy saving solution as it reduces the number of frames that must be stored or processed in the global transmission chain
  • Reduces storage capacity costs as only necessary frames are stored

key features

  • Support for production/post-production on mezzanine formats
  • Lightweight process
  • Compress video on-the-fly in the transmission chain
  • The gain is directly proportional to the number of discarded frames (Typ. 30-40%)
  • Can be run in real time with limited processing resources
  • No need to decode-reencode, simple NAL or TS packet dropping, energy savings in the receiver
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