Best Tech Stories around the web #190

This week: an AI helps doctors to detect Alzheimer's disease, Samsung presents its first folding screen and Vimeo launches a channel dedicated to holograms.


AI detects Alzheimer's disease SIX years early - with 100% accuracy in small study by

A new artificial intelligence system can predict the development of Alzheimer's with 100 percent accuracy and six years before the hallmarks that doctors use to diagnose the disease appear. Read more


Vimeo adds a channel exclusively for holograms by

Vimeo  has long regarded itself as the video-sharing site for those that want to get experimental. Well, the company has found a new medium to get creators pumped about, and I think it’s fair to say they’re near the forefront of this one: holograms. Read more


Samsung's folding smartphone concept bends all the rules by

From the pocket-sized devices of yore, our phones have grown into surrogate laptops for work on the go, and pseudo televisions for watching Netflix on planes. Read more