Best of Tech Stories around the web #181

This week: the first 3D printed bionic eye as a cure for blindness, a robot to star in a movie, a new concept technology for self-driving cars make eye contact with pedestrians and a full-sized Bugatti Chiron made by Lego.


Cure for blindness: Scientists create world’s first 3D printed bionic eye by 

SCIENTISTS have created a bionic eye for the first time in a move which could help cure the blind with researchers using a 3D printer in a major breakthrough. Read more


Jaguar land rover gives driverless cars 'virtual eyes' to signal awareness of pedestrians by

Jaguar land rover has come up with a new concept technology in an effort to understand how humans will come to trust self-driving vehicles in the future. dubbed ‘virtual eyes’, driverless pods are fitted with cartoon-like, seemingly sad eyes, designed to interact with other road users and make eye contact with pedestrians to let them know the car is aware of them. the LED eyes work by following pedestrians as they cross the road. Read more


Robot to star in new Tony Kaye movie 2nd Born by

Robot characters have been featured in movies for over a century, starting with the 1921 film The Mechanical Man. But now British filmmaker Tony Kaye (American History X) wants to hire an AI actor to star in his upcoming movie 2nd Born. Read more


The coolest Bugatti ever goes 18 Mph (and it's made of Lego) by

Who will even bother to compete with a Bugatti Chiron made of the colorful kids blocks? Nobody. Not when the vehicle in question is full-sized, seats two adult humans, and really truly drives. Read more