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  • Rennes, Brest

Post-doctoral researcher in design sciences

About b<>com

Created at the end of 2012, b<>com (private Institute of Research and Technology) supplies technology solutions and accelerates innovation for organizations wishing to enhance their competitiveness using digital technology.
b<>com unites talented individuals from multiple disciplines and cultures including; augmented reality and virtual reality, immersive video and audio, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, 5G networks, the internet of things and cognitive sciences, e-Health, etc.
Combining the best of the industrial and university worlds, b<> com’s researchers and engineers enjoy a creative and innovative work environment at its Rennes campus and sites in Paris, Brest and Lannion. With its advanced engineering team and considerable scientific resources, b<>com offers its customers the perfect set of ingredients and tailor-made solutions that make all the difference in today’s turbulent socioeconomic context.

Job description

The ambition of the project is to develop insights that will contribute to the emergence of responsible digital futures by 2040. Among its objectives, the project targets the development of models of sustainable and resilient socio-technical systems.
This objective will be achieved using a participatory modelling approach in collaboration with stakeholders interested in implementing more resilient and sustainable operations for a specific business area in their company.
Specific participatory methodologies will be employed namely, serious games and participatory simulations with human decision-making agents.
Specific objectives for the Post-doctoral researcher :
The Post-doctoral researcher will work in collaboration with a team of researchers with expertise in "modeling", resilience and sustainability at the French engineering school IMT Atlantique (Brest) and Rennes School of Business. These two institutions are partners in the project.

The principal responsibilities for the Post-doctoral researcher are:

  • 1. The design / creation of a serious game to improve understanding of and the implementation of resilience and / or sustainability management in the event of a crisis with the selected business area. The game must be sufficiently generalizable that it may also be adapted to a range of different contexts (different business units/ companies) and potential crisis scenarios. It must also incorporate different facets of resilience and / or sustainability.
  • 2. Pilot test and then deploy the serious game in selected empirical context(s) (company, public services entity or other institution) possibly with a focus on the frugal utilization of digital technologies (Green IT)

Keywords : participatory modeling, resilience, sustainability, frugal digital technologies, serious games, participatory simulation, simulation and gamification.


Post-doctoral researcher with experience in design sciences and participatory modeling & serious games design/implementation.
Scientific fields: all disciplines that use participatory modeling, in particular management, IT, sociology.
Researcher with experience of action research, particularly in relation to participatory modeling and potentially qualified in the design and implementation of serious games or participatory simulations.


  • Duration: 18 months post-doctoral contract
  • Start date: July 2022
  • Location: Rennes or Brest